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The Ultimate East African Adventure

Marvel at Mount Kilimanjaro, immerse in local African culture, and unwind on the beaches of Zanzibar.

Luxury Travel Advisor Felicia Ingwers is no stranger to adventure. She’s an active outdoor enthusiast who regularly takes advantage of the natural wonders in her home state of Colorado. A trip to East Africa that includes climbing ‘Kili’ is perfect for thrill seekers like her.

hike Mount Kilimanjaro in this Tanzania Tour

Why This Trip?

herd of zebra during a game drive in Tanzania

Did you know that the word “safari” means “journey” in Swahili? A remarkable journey awaits you in the splendid country of Tanzania.

With close to 28% of its land designated as national parks and game reserves, you will delight on daily game drives, spotting herds of elephants, flocks of flamingoes, zebras running free, lions on the hunt, wildebeest migrations, giraffes, and wild packs of dogs.

Although lodges and campgrounds dot the landscape, they are few and far between. Your African experience will feel wild and free.

With more than 130 ethnic groups, the cultures are varied and intriguing. Tanzania offers a true melting pot culture with a peaceful past among the many different ethnic groups. You will find Tanzanians to be friendly and captivating as they share their traditions and local customs with you. With its spectacular wildlife, magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, and fascinating people, you will quickly realize the gem that is Tanzania.

Hiking Africa's Highest Peak

Join a small group of fellow explorers for the climb and descent of a lifetime. As you trek to each camp, expert guides navigate, and attentive porters carry luggage and equipment. Dine on incredible and nourishing hot meals at camp, sleep by warm fires prepared for you, and think of the day ahead. You will only need to worry about a daypack and your goal of reaching the summit.

At times, the journey will challenge you mentally and physically. But rest assured, your guides and porters will encourage, act as healers, and do all they can to help you achieve success. When you admire the marvelous sunrise at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, you will quickly forget any challenge or setback you had during the ascent.

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Exploring Tarangire National Park with a Maasai Guide

Take a nature walk with an authentic Maasai warrior as your guide. Hear about the Maasai culture and traditions that have been passed down for generations. 

Your guide will share how they live harmoniously with the remarkable wildlife. Admire the magnificent baobab trees and be on the lookout for zebras, waterbuck, impala, and more. With a slower paced day, you will be much more in tune with your beautiful surroundings.

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Enjoy a sunrise take-off in a hot air balloon to witness breathtaking Tarangire from above. Glide past the Tarangire River, dense swamps, and the river valley. Revel in spotting massive herds of elephants, some numbering over 300. 

With anti-poaching efforts, the elephant population has grown to over 4,000 in the park. On your journey, you might even spot an elusive leopard! Complete your jaunt with a splendid breakfast delightfully prepared back on terra firma.

beautiful beaches a crystal waters of Zanzibar

Right off the coast of Tanzania, you will find the iconic group of islands that make up the Zanzibar Archipelago. Unguja is the best-known island and is locally known as Zanzibar Island. The white sandy beaches with coconut palms as a backdrop make a dip in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean a pleasurable way to spend the day.

While you might choose to lounge by the beach all day every day, Zanzibar is an exotic and intriguing island that will beckons you to discover its secrets. Step off the sand and admire the blend of cultural influences as you stroll the maze of windy streets. Pop into the local artisan shops selling wood carvings, brass chests, spices, and handmade gifts for memorable souvenirs.

Adventurers will want to hike, rent bicycles or scuba dive in the magnificent Mnembe Island Marine Conservation Area. All in all, you will adore Zanzibar's breathtaking scenery and unique culture.

Stone Town

Explore this fascinating town, noticing the eclectic mix of Indian, African, Arabic and European influences. Marvel at the architecture featuring elaborately carved Arab and Indian doors or the fascinating 200-year-old sand and coral stone houses. Visit the bustling Darajani Market to watch locals haggle and barter over the fresh fish, fragrant spices, and vividly colored tropical fruits and vegetables. Your senses will awaken with the sights, sounds, and smells of this vibrant and bustling city.

Scuba Diving

Whether you are already certified or interested in completing a PADI open water diver course, there is no better place to explore below the surface. The pristine waters of the Indian Ocean, the colorful coral reefs, and schools of tropical fish make Zanzibar one of the world’s most incredible places to dive!

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