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An Amazon Expedition in Peru

Embark on an Incredible Amazon Expedition

Natalia Chelnokova, of FROSCH’s membership-only Blueprint service, had the chance to see a different side of Peru. Her journey commenced with a few immersive days in Lima, before an exciting, yet rejuvenating journey aboard AQUA Expeditions’ Aqua Nera.

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Why This Trip?

see beautiful new wildlife in peru

Often overlooked and seldom used as more than a gateway to other attractions in Peru, Lima offers so much to explore. Visitors keep coming back to Lima for its cosmopolitan vibe, palate-expanding dining, vibrant nightlife, superb shopping and artsy, bohemian neighborhoods.

Lima is the perfect blend of old and new. Admire the juxtaposition of its modern skyline and pre-Incan architecture on the same city block. Rich in history with stellar museums, Lima attracts art and architecture lovers alike.

You’ll find no shortage of things to do, whether you want to tour historical sites, dine on dazzling cuisine, shop ‘til you drop or dance the night away. Lima offers something for everyone.

Elevate Your Cooking

Get local insight into traditional Peruvian cuisine by spending time with a famous local chef and guide. Wander the local markets, browse boutique shops, and meet fishmongers to gather the necessary ingredients to personally prepare a delicious feast. You’ll be invited into your guide’s home to cook (and eat) a fabulous and unforgettable meal!

Learn to Mix Up a Pisco Sour

Throughout Peru, bartenders serve up the beloved national cocktail, the Pisco Sour. Take your experience up a notch with a mixology class taught by top-rated bartenders. This splendid class includes a heavenly dinner and takes place at the world-renowned Hotel B Arts & Boutique, a former Republican mansion dating back to the early 1900s. Drink, dine, and learn to make the perfect Peruvian cocktail, all while enjoying the inherent charm and hospitality of your hosts.

Divine Chocolate Tasting

Pop into a local coffee shop and chocolate boutique for a sweet retreat. As you taste the deliciousness of the locally handmade confections, your heart will be happy to learn proceeds return to the local community with fair-trade practices carefully followed. Enjoy with no regrets!

Marvel at Eye-Popping Art & Artifacts

No stop in Lima is complete without a visit to the famous Larco Museum, housed in an 18th-century mansion built on the ruins of an ancient pyramid. A museum specialist guides you through exhibits filled with astounding artifacts spanning 3,000 years. You’ll be in awe by the gorgeous gold and silver jewelry displays, intricate masks, and marvelous vases. Lunch at the museum garden café will be among the highlights. Advanced reservations are required.

journey along the amazon river
Amazon River Expedition

Embark on one of life’s greatest adventures, exploring the Amazon jungle. As home to one-third of all recorded animal species in the world, you’ll get in-depth but easily digestible insight into the wildlife and nature of this intriguing part of the world on the multiple excursions planned each day by your naturalist guide.

Whether navigating the challenging terrain on hikes or setting out on eco-friendly skiffs (small boats) on the river, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spot remarkable wildlife in the jungle.

The most rewarding experience of all will be getting a rare glimpse into the local life of the communities of people living along the riverbanks. With village visits, extreme caution is taken to preserve the traditions and original ways of life of the local people. Bring purpose to your trip with plenty of opportunities to give back to the villages.

Skiff, Swim, Fish, and Explore

Each day brings endless opportunities to spot birds, turtles, monkeys, and exotic wildlife. When it comes to swimming, you need to know the river, which means having an expert guide by your side. Crocodiles and snakes might be lurking in the water next to you. Your guide knows the safest places to swim so you can take a dip with peace of mind.

Learn to line-fish like the locals during a relaxing and pleasant day on the water. Track the habits of Amazonian piranhas and even catch these fearful-looking creatures on your line.

Jungle walks are not as “easy breezy” as city strolls. They are truly active jaunts into the rainforest. Your pulse will surely jump when you see snakes hanging down from the vines, tiny frogs jumping about, and insects buzzing all around. What a perfect day for nature lovers!

Sunrise Breakfasts and Sundowner Surprises

Nothing beats a proper breakfast on a skiff, with only the jungle to see for miles. Imagine poached eggs, cloth napkins, crystal glasses of orange juice, and a friendly crew. What a treat indeed!

Evenings in the rainforest are magical aboard the skiff. With a cocktail in hand, quiet your mind and admire the sounds of the rainforest, the squawks of the birds, the bugs singing and monkeys howling. Immerse in these special moments of nature for recollections that will truly never leave your mind or heart.

Learn about the Local Lifestyle

As you glide by local riverbank settlements, you’ll see the stilted villages with local children fishing or playing soccer.

At times, visiting families and local schools is a possibility, and donating first-aid kits and school supplies is always welcomed. Giving back while traveling to different countries provides for an inspiring vacation. Come home from the trip with meaningful memories and lasting insight into jungle living.

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