Dreams Fulfilled

Are Mountains & Snow a part of your dream vacation?
Mountains & Snow
Heli-skiing in the Alps, a snowshoe safari through Yosemite National Park or a private evening in an igloo in the Pyrenees – all possible through your FROSCH Travel Advisor. Our mountain experts not only know when the snow is best for each activity, but how to elevate the experience to a once-in-a-lifetime event.
Enjoy your next dream vacation soaking up the sun at the beach.
Beach & Sun
Follow the sun for some inspiration and rejuvenation. Relax and unwind as you build sandcastles at La Concha, kayak the inner fjords of Southeast Alaska, surf Cloudbreak off Namotu Island, or watch the sun skim the horizon from the stern of a private yacht in Norway.
Get your adventure on during your next dream vacation.
Ready to get out of your comfort zone? Thinking of taking a literal leap of faith? Have you always wanted to be a real-life mountaineer? There is no limit to your adventures when we handle the details. Face your fears with great whites in South Africa, bungee-jump in Queenstown, climb Mount Kilimanjaro; FROSCH is your roadmap to adventure.
Use your dream vacation to make an impact on the world.
We believe that travel contains the capacity to transform and as such, we offer our travelers the opportunity to give back to each destination. Try your hand at sustainable farming in Laos, observe the variety of ecosystems in Costa Rica, let the penguins and whales of South Africa dazzle you or experience how a zero waste expedition aids in conservation and climate change in Yellowstone National Park. Ecotourism will truly change the way you travel.
Foodies delight in our culinary dream vacation options.
Food & Wine
Imagine dining at a table filled with culinary creations from a famed local chef as you celebrate a milestone birthday with your family and friends. Picture yourself walking a vineyard in Champagne or Napa at sunset, discussing viticulture with the winemaker. Let your Travel Advisor curate private experiences at world-renowned vineyards, Michelin starred restaurants, and chef’s tables around the world.
Relax, rejuvenate and replenish during your next vacation.
For some, wellness travel means a relaxing stay at a spa resort with sunrise yoga sessions and a meditative walk before dinner. For others, the structure of a fully immersive program, addressing all aspects of the mind, body, and soul is the true embodiment of wellness. Spa resorts are no longer just about massages and plunge pools. We can arrange for you to decompress in the hills of Austin, Texas or give you the opportunity to absorb the beauty of Bali. No matter where you go, you’ll return with your superpowers recharged!
Trips with family are often the most cherished.
Trips with family are often the most cherished. An extended family reunion aboard a private yacht in the Galapagos Islands contains the potential to become tradition. A kid’s weekend in the desert learning alongside a real-life archaeologist might just inspire a career path. Celebrating a landmark event at a boutique hotel reserved entirely for your family can bring generations together like never before. Moments with loved ones are priceless no matter the destination.
Is romance in the stars for your next vacation experience?
The ultimate romantic journey requires at least one over-the-top moment – a sunrise cruise for two in the Adriatic, an impromptu vow renewal or a surprise overnight under the stars in your private treehouse. It’s the personal details and little surprises that make a romantic getaway unforgettable. Whether it’s a honeymoon, babymoon, golden anniversary or an intimate weekend “just because,” we’ll make sure the time spent with your loved one is dreamier than you could ever imagine.
Experience the variety of culture the world has to offer on your next dream vacation.
Let your Travel Advisor take care of the specifics, while you soak up the local culture. Not your first time visiting a city? We’ll guide you to lesser-known restaurants and food trucks, and arrange for the museum’s curator to privately guide you through their collection after-hours. We’ll send the kids on a scavenger hunt through the city’s best toy stores. You’ll not only feel the heartbeat of your destination, but you’ll also learn it’s best kept secrets.
For many, nothing says Dream Vacation like a safari.
It is a transformative moment to hear a lion roar in the bush for the first time. Whether enjoying game drives from the comfort of a safari vehicle, navigating the waters of the delta on a mokoro or seeing a breathtaking migration from a hot air balloon, our safari experts are here to guide you to the best of the best. We’ll take you to see the “Big 5” in Africa, Bengal tigers in India or the bison and elk of the US National Parks.
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