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Crafting Your Ultimate Experience
Once the framework of your itinerary is designed, the complex planning really begins, and your advisor’s value is truly elevated. We’ll offer creative alternatives and key in on your priorities to create the perfect holiday.
Turning transportation into part of your luxury travel experience.
Turn transportation into an experience!
In New Zealand, for convenience (and fun), we send you to your destination by helicopter, while your luggage goes by car.
Private cooking class in Tuscany for the whole family.
Are your kids budding chefs?
Let’s arrange for a private cooking class in Tuscany for the whole family; bring home olive oil, new recipes, and memories!
Before Your Journey Begins…
Your itinerary will be chock full of helpful information about your trip – from local customs and projected weather forecasts to guidance on currency, emergency services, and more.
We help ensure you are aware of local customs on your luxury VIP travel experience.
Is it appropriate to shake hands in Saudi Arabia?
Your travel details explain the international customs to ensure you are always respecting the local culture.
We provide a packing list for your trip so you’ll never be caught unaware.
Not sure what to pack on safari?
We’ll provide a packing list and guidance on what colors to wear, as well as average temperatures throughout your itinerary.
On Your Behalf…
Long after final payment has been made, your Travel Advisor will be working on your behalf – confirming room upgrades, making dinner reservations, relaying dietary restrictions directly to the chef, and keeping you up to date on important travel requirements.
We can help make dining reservations for a true VIP travel experience.
Want to dine al-fresco at a local hot spot?
Your Travel Advisor can help make dining reservations. We’ll make sure you’re treated like a VIP with the best seat in the house!
GuideMe provides the relevant travel information to help avoid unwanted surprises.
Not sure if you need a vaccination to enter Egypt?
Our in-house technology, GuideMe, provides all relevant travel information so you can travel with peace of mind.
On the Road…
Once you begin traveling, your Travel Advisor transforms into your advocate. Whether you are extending your stay on a whim or weather conditions have delayed your flight, we’re available to turn any change into a welcome one!
We remain available to help with any changes to your itinerary.
Want to change your plans in the moment?
We’ve already booked the back-up ferry from Capri in the event you extend your afternoon hike.
Consider our Luxury Travel Advocate as your personal travel companion.
You’ll never travel “alone.”
When a border closes or extreme weather is on its way, we’ll alert you in advance via our mobile app with an alternate plan to get you home.
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